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"Nomadic Wisdom" photo album

"Nomadic Wisdom" photo album

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The thousand-year history of the Mongolian nomads is one of living with nature and everything that that force can throw at you. So, it is no surprise that they have developed a lifestyle that has survived despite its hardships. This is clearly illustrated in this book which, while documenting a century's way of life, clearly reflects the challenges of the modern world. Only through an understanding of where we have come from can we forge a way forward where we can take the best of tradition and embrace the new world. 

This book offers unique glimpse into the lives of nomadic Mongolians - the wisdom, the wonder, the changes and challenges they face. Rather than contrasting their lives with your own, we hope the stories captured here help share a sense of recognition more than of 'otherness'. The first chapter explores 'nutag', a word used to describe the local knowledge and know-how of Mongolian nomadic communities. Based on research carried out by Batkhishig Baival between 2007 and 2011, we look at the ways Mongolian pastoralists continually adapt and renew through deep relationships between humans, nature and animals. Each subsequent chapter shows a different type of traditional nomadic migration with the herders journeys beautifully documented by environmental academic Battulga Purev. This is the result of more than decades of work and 100 thousand kilometer of journey the across vast vast rangeland and vastly differing seasons.

With 10 chapters and 196 pages.

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