Who we are


Khur (produces the products only sarlagleather materials) is a most authentic and remarkable brand with a meaningful story behind it.

The relentless success of Davaadash and Solongo, a couple who saw each other 24 years ago in school secondary, adds a unique and poignant dimension to the brand's story.

Solongo is a talented and creative woman who took the initiative to start their own creative studio in 2016. Davaadash (mining and tourism background) who fell in love to Solongo, have joined her in this journey and their shared interest in design and heartfelt eco-consciousness suggests a commitment to creating meaningful and sustainable work. Together, Solongo and Davaadash created Khur the brand that produces only sarlag leather products.

Expertise and Transparency

Almost decade of experience in designing, testing, manufacturing, and global shipping, we're no strangers to the production process. We're proud of our reputation for navigating all issues with the utmost in responsiveness, care, and honesty.

The Art of Craftsmanship

Starting in our Ulaanbaatar ateliers, we envision, design, draft, and develop the details of every Khur products. This process can take up to a year. Each bag carefully cutted by hand and made by  natural materials sourced directly from Mongolian herders who live in a remote corner of the world at 3000m altitude in a mountain of Khangai region

A Passion For What Matters

Our mission is to create the bags that are timeless in quality, durability, and sustainability. That's why our products are crafted with love and built to last for years.

Since the day we opened globally in 2019, the response has been overwhelming. We're thrilled that our customers love our bags and products – our earth – and meaningful work we do!

Through our meaningful production, we protect wildlife and support the livelihoods of indigenous communities who most affected by climate change, the rapid industrialisations and land degradation".