New book "Nomadic Wisdom" is born!

New book "Nomadic Wisdom" is born!

Life is so rich. I think this story should be shared with all of you. Honestly, I'm not expected to share this deepest meaningful talk.

It's always fascinating to learn about Mr. Battulga's dedication to studying nomadic culture and the nomadic way of life. His extensive travels and exploration of traditional migration types in Mongolia demonstrate a deep commitment to preserving and understanding a unique way of life that has been a part of human history for centuries in heart of Asia.

Professional photographers often play a crucial role in capturing and preserving cultural practices, landscapes, and unique ways of life for future generations.

In 2018, we met for the first time when me and my staff started to rent 200m square factory space near his office. He was one of the customers who supported us by purchasing our products, manufactured in small factory. He often came to buy our products, but he also supported us mentally by saying strong words to push us to do more as he was older than me.

These chance meetings often lead to unexpected connections and collaborations. It's remarkable how such encounters can bring people together, leading to supportive relationships and shared experiences.

So for 6 years, not only i have known him well, but he also does incredible work. We both have a common interest. Especially a culture as rich and diverse as the nomadic culture.

So finally I had a fantastic news to share with you all!

Recently, Mr.Battulga publishing a book titled "Nomadic Wisdom" suggests he has not only dedicated years to studying and documenting nomadic cultures but has also decided to share his insights and findings with a broader audience. Books like these can serve as valuable resources for preserving cultural knowledge, educating others about the nomadic way of life.

I have a great opportunity to discuss him in his studio these days. Please click links down bellow to watch our interesting discussion about his philosophy and his amazing achievements

You can find his book with bellow link too



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