Founding story

By Davaadash Adiya, SARLAG LEATHER founder

Born in Mongolia, ordinary Mongolian citizen living in Ulaanbaatar with a penchant for travel and adventure. My parents were nomads and they have lived in a western part of Mongolia. Early 1960s, they moved to the capital just after - they gave all animals to the state, the time we were under incluence by soviet union. In a modern days, i've discovered that there are significant difficulties for nowadays nomads life in a remote areas, as a result of climate change, poverty and mining industries impacts. We can see how the Nomadic civilisation changing rapidly the day by day. It's the most worried and heartbreaking issue that ordinary nomads can not imagine. Due to the immigration, we see the looming POVERTY problem in urban areas and a huge influence of ENVIRONMENT stability in the last three decades.

This is the main reason i decided to pursue a SUSTAINABLE long-term project in order to help- support the herders livelihood in urban areas, purchasing directly natural raw materials to the western part of Mongolia, specially the families who living in a highest regions of Khangai mountains in order to produce the high-quality products locally made by our own hand. Khangai regions were origin of Khangai SARLAG (Yak indigenous wild species in the Khangai mountains) which the skin is considered three times tougher than cowhides.

My aim was to bring to the forefront of the global textile industry, to the benefit of everyone involved, herders, manufacturers and customers.

This is why SARLAG leather was born.