What makes Mongolia the world's most 'socially connected' place?

What makes Mongolia the world's most 'socially connected' place?

So if you're feeling a bit ... disconnected from your fellow humans, you might consider taking a few tips from Mongolians.

People in 142 countries were asked to rate their "social connectedness" – defined as "how close you feel to people emotionally."

The word "people" was given a broad definition: family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, people from groups you're part of ... and strangers. So pretty much ... everybody.

Most countries did well. Overall, seven out of 10 people around the globe said they were "very" or "fairly" connected.

But Mongolians were the most connected of all.

Mongolia beat out Kosovo, Taiwan and Bosnia and Herzegovina among other top contenders to be named the most socially connected, with 95% of Mongolians reporting feeling very and fairly connected to other people. The highest rates of social connection for men – 95% – and women – 94% – were also in Mongolia.

Having reported from Mongolia in 2017, I was curious and reached out to some Mongolians. They were not surprised to be at the top of the list.




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