Presented among the people protecting and healing the planet!

Presented among the people protecting and healing the planet!

We sharing our latest news -We just presented the UK based Sustainability Champions community. 

"Support innovators who invent new ways of protecting and healing the planet

Davaadash and his wife created the NOMADIC Tote Bag, which is a water-resistant and long-lasting organic bag made of Sarlag leather. The leather is supplied from nomadic herders in Mongolia's western provinces. Thousands of tons of raw materials are unused and discarded in the countryside. This inspired the duo to use the leather directly from the herders before it was discarded.⁣

Sarlag leather is three times tougher than regular cowhide and has excellent tensile strength due to Mongolian weather. The leather is made by a highly qualified tannery that uses aniline colours and has a high environmental rating.⁣

Aniline dye is a colorless, harmless water-based liquid made from organic resin synthesis. The dye penetrates the full-grain leather, leaving the rich feel of the leather intact while preserving the original surface with all its markings and qualities".


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