Welcome to Mongolia!

Welcome to Mongolia!

Delivering products to thousands of customers worldwide in 2023, is indeed a remarkable achievement for us. It's clear that our unique leather products have resonated well with people globally, and our success is a testament to the quality of our products. Solongo and I, we didn't expect it when we opened globally in 2019. 

Our business faced the first major challenges of the pandemic in 2020 and the difficulties that followed in 2021. The global impact of the pandemic has indeed been widespread, affecting businesses and individuals across various industries and regions.

It's clear that this was a tough period for us, both professionally and personally. We had to close our two small stores located in Field Capital and ultimately we had to lay off employees and close our factory as well. Even today, it is very difficult to think about that time.

We had very few products in stock when we let go all employees. Our loyal customers send us orders online and we try to deliver them. but there are no planes or international transportation available throughout the country that time during few months. Our company had a huge business debt and every time we thought about how to pay off our debt, because Mongolia is the country with huge interest rate. That time, the conscious decision was to give up. but we told each other to never give up and keep going!

We decided to sell the only assets we had, our apartment, and choosing to live in the factory refinancing into our business. During challenging times, it's essential to maintain a focus on our goals and continue adapting to the evolving circumstances.

After a few months of survival, the situation starts to improve and our overseas customers start ordering our products and we deliver them by fast shipping, whether it expensive compared to ordinary time. Step by step our activities in routine after that. It was unforgettable experience and we both will remember it rest of our life. There are certainly challenges ahead. We must accept them, face them and continue our work. Uncertainty is a gift for humans given by god.

Without our friends and our loyal customers support both mentally and emotionally, we cannot stand today independently and there is completely different story. 

Meaningful Relationships with friends and customers often play a crucial role in personal and professional development.

That's why we want to share our experience with our customers and friends. Solongo and I including my team decided to propose and to invite a customers who wants to travel with us in Mongolia. Sharing our experience with customers by inviting them to Mongolia and present the nomadic lifestyle is a wonderful.

Together we will meet our local herders and discover their nomadic tradition and nomadic lifestyle.

Please click the link down below for more information about our invitation


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