The Truth about coldest capital in the World

The Truth about coldest capital in the World

If you visit Mongolia, you'll most likely pass through the capital, Ulaanbaatar. This city of approximately 1.8 million inhabitants which is considered half of the total population. I was born in this city after my parents moved to this capital. The only place where they can settle is the Ger (Mongolian traditional dwelling) district, located in the northern part of the city. Because as a young couple, they can only build their house in this neighborhood. The majority of herders or people moving to town for the first time can stay here in the Ger district area. My father often told me that there were very few families living in Ger district area. But now there is no empty space to build new houses since two thirds of the population live there. Every year more than 40 thousand people move to the capital. According to statistics, 700,000 people have already left the countryside to settle in cities over the last 15 years. Including nomads. 

Ger district area

 All the population of Ger district area burning the raw coal and pumping out smoke which adding up public health desaster. By the air quality index measure pm 2.5, Some areas in capital pm 2.5 level is 900 µg/m3 which is considered 30 times higher than World health organization maximum accepted level.

Due to the pollution, the children under age of 5 most suffering lung infection disease. My son was hospitalized 15 years ago due to the heavy lung infection and during 3 days he had to stay intensive care treatment. He was saved with the help of good doctors and nurses. But today this problem still exists and young parents experiencing same issue. Its very sad and unacceptable. We need to take significant measure to reduce the pollution. but how...

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