The Nature helped me to stay Healthy and Strong

The Nature helped me to stay Healthy and Strong

Mongolians have used Shargaljuut mineral water for thousands of years to treat illnesses. As you know, my mission is to share the beauty of Mongolian nature with all our customers and spread it globally to those who live on the other side of the world. This time I decided to share with you all my experience with this magnificent hot spring gifted by Mother Nature.

                                                                                 General map the hot spring 

I want to say that almost 25 years ago, when I was a teenager, I was seriously ill from sugary soft drinks. Every day and every night, before sleeping, almost 2 liters. The digestive organs, especially the stomach part, were seriously ill. At that time, our country was in the transition phase from Soviet rule to democracy. I remember very well that many companies started importing different types of drinks.

Imagine that the teenager has never drunk sugary soft drinks before. so we can say that he is strongly addicted. Ultimately the result is that I cannot walk on two legs and walk straight. I lost a lot of weight.
But now, I often want to say that this beautiful homeland has blessed me to git out of this sickness. So grateful and i hope you will watch my video to admire this beauty of the nature.

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