Human and nature co-existence

Human and nature co-existence

OTOR pasture in the Winter months

The thousand-year history of the Mongolian nomads is one of living with nature. it is no surprise that they have developed a lifestyle that has survived despite its hardships. However, this could not have endured without recognising the need to co-exist with the forces of nature. 

Mongolian herders have learned to live with the changes in nature and climate by tending their livestock while gracefully embracing and living their lives. They are the heroes who have sustained and endured to this day.

Human and nature co-existence originates from the nomadic lifestyle, who have the mindset of being ecological stewards while living simple lives. We all have become increasingly aware that climate change threatens the existence of nomadic people and their lifestyles. And the whole future of humanity relies on calls for adopting simple and nature-friendly living.

Regardless of climate change and harsh winter temperature, Nomads performing Odor every winter. A group of herders who have  accustomed to do it in Western part of Mongolia. 

More than 100 groups of this region perform Otor each year in every destination that they think to find good condition of land in order to fatten their livestock.

Due to the climate change, herders oblige to perform Otor more longer distance year after year to find good grass land.

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