A warm Welcome! Traditional snacks and Most delicious Mongolian foods

A warm Welcome! Traditional snacks and Most delicious Mongolian foods

You can feel only this warm welcoming from our herders in Mongolia. We have more than 21 ethnic groups living throughout the country and each ethnic group has different traditions, foods and dairy products depending on their location.

The Mongolian traditional diet consists of food that comes from the five domestic animals. Such as cow, goat, sheep, horse, and camel. As our herders located in Western part of Mongolia, specially in Zavkhan region, We can eat the foods based on Yak and sheep meat and other dairy products. 

 Among the dairy products, I like to eat Yak milkcream which is very fresh and most delicious one with traditional beverage. We called it "Suutei Tsai"

Aaruul is one of the Mongolian foods or snacks kept without a fridge around a year. The Mongolian diet includes a large proportion of animal fat which is necessary for the Mongols to withstand the cold winters and their hard work. 

In this region, people consume most foods high in salt. In drinks and foods there is extra salt compared to other regions and they consume it at boiling temperature and you can feel it easily when you test it. In winter time, Mongols eat noodle soup, prepared with a combination of mutton or beef, onions and
flat noodles.  Guriltai shul is especially popular as comfort food
during the cold winter months.

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